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hi there,

I'm coming to this many times....how to set up this ID numbers.
What I mean ? What is the right way to set all this handles, classid's
etc... AND HOW THEY ARE traversed ?

What I found :

X:Y  - X-major, Y-minor

Every QDISC must have minor number equal to 0 ? Is that right?
Every CLASS is set up as minor number and the major number shows which QDISC
this class will use ?
Every CLASS or QDISC can have a list of filters ? How the filters are
applied to some class/qdisc, is the "parent" used for this or the "parent"
must point to some other filter ?
???? AND what is the exact sequence followed for classifing packets ?????

for example :

Class 1:1
   filter parent 1:1  handle 1:10
   filter parent 1:1 handle 1:11
   class 1:2
        filter parent 1:2 handle 1:12
        filter parent 1:1 handle 1:13

?!?! classid,handle,parent(this is not in the filter help, but I see it is
used ?!?)

HOW EXACTLY THE TREE of these ID's IS BUILD ? Mostly the exact usage of
parent,handle,classid and flowid(fw...), split ...... to build this chained
action ?!?
more exmples of how to do more simple stuff in the distribution of iproute,
I mean more how to build

rather than egres,ingress, AF, PHB etc stuff... :")