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TC command reference

Hi all,

I have now added most of the options to the qdiscs and filters and I have
converted the source to DocBook SGML. Where are still parts missing but I'm
working on it.

The address is: http://linux.bergqvist.se/tc/

I have a couple of questions:

* How is it with other documentation about TC? For example the documentation
Alex Goldney is working on? Then I started this there was almost none, but
it seems several people are working on TC documentation and there is no
reason for me to document things that others are working on.

* It's always good with examples, especially for new users (but also
advanced examples for experienced users). I would like to add a few working
examples to each qdisc and fitler to give an example on how to use that
particular qdisc or filter. If you have a good setup that you want to share,
please send it to me, along with an explanation on how it's working.
Also: I would like to add a section "TC and masquerading". I don't use it
myself but I have seen people on the list who does. Anyone who want to write
an example about it?

* I'm new to DocBook and SGML so if I have done something wrong, feel free
to tell me.