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Qs regarding CBQ

- What's the purpose of installing an estimator on a CBQ class? It isn't used 
for rate calculation (for evaluate under/at/overlimit status), right? So 
what's it's purpose then?

- What's the exact meaning of "allot" and "weight" parameters for CBQ 
classes? From what I've seen the WRR quantum for a class of a given priority 
is calculated as


where avgweight is the mean weight of all classes with that priority. Is this 
right? It sounds like an uneccessary complication... Why not use the quantum 

- The CBQ scheduler implements alternative ways to penalize overlimit classes 
besides the CLASSIC way of "offtime"ing leaf classes. The tc utility doesn't 
support configuring them. Are they just meant for experimental use, or is 
support for them a "todo" for tc?

Rui Prior