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NEW Multimedia classifier for IPROUTE2

I have finally (sorry for those that were waiting, if any) put online 
the source code for the "cls_rt" classifier for IPROUTE2.

With this classifier it is possible to recognize interactive multimedia 
traffic  making it very easy to give audio/video traffic higher 
Streaming multimedia was not the target of this classifier and so it may 
not be recognized.

Below there is the URL where you can find the <.tar.gz> source code for 
kernel 2.2.16 and the HOWTO that explains how it works and how to use 
The HOWTO contains 2/3 examples of use. There is also a FAQ for the most 
common problems.

It is not finished yet (but it works!) and it may therefore contain 
(During the last 2/3 months I did not work much on it because of lack of 
time ...)

This is the URL:


I hope to have some feedback ...