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[RFC] tcng: Traffic Control, next generation language

Linux traffic control currently isn't exactly renowned for its user
friendly configuration ;-) I'd like to solve this problem by introducing
a new configuration language.

Once this is in place, also more advanced concepts, such a direct
generation of highly optimized C code for selected traffic control
scenarios will become feasible.

To get things rolling, I, with help from Milena Mondini, have defined a
language that should be able to express most current traffic control
configurations, and I've started implementing a translator to the "old"
tc syntax:


Note that the translator is still next to useless, because it only
supports a very small number of traffic control elements and parameters.
Also, some parameters will need special handling in the language (e.g.
rsvp's "ipproto"). I'm making this release mainly to gather feedback on
the configuration language.

Comments ?

- Werner

 / Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH           Werner.Almesberger@epfl.ch /