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On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Christian Worm Mortensen wrote:

> The WRR qdisc mentioned in the howto has never been a part of the standard kernel.

Linux CBQ actually _does_ implement a WRR variant known as DRR (Deficit
Round Robin). DRR is better than classical WRR. Read the Varghese paper
to see the difference.

In any case to the original poster: You can look at qdiscs as building
blocks with a well known interface and that are defined to provide a
certain specific 'service' to packets travessing them.
They could be schedulers like Prio or markers like dsmark or active queue
management schemes like GRED. Normally there is an associate queue with
a queing discipline although sometimes not directly owned by the qdisc
rather by other embedded qdiscs (eg prio with attached FIFO qdiscs).