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RE: Strange delay

Thank you for the comments. I installed the network time protocol to
synchronize the time among all the machines. Now MGEN works properly on
Linux system.

But I have to install MGEN on a solaris platform which is used to be the
receiver. But the binary file for solaris seems wrong. It cannot work. The
erro message is : "mgen syntax error: '(' unexpeted". 

When I tried to compile the source code using the makefile.solaris, the
error occured again: "ld: ELF error : file ./solaris-libXpm.a : elf_begin :
format error elf-fmaq"

Is the libXpm.a wrong? How to compile the MGEN for the solaris system? Or
where cam I get the correct binary version?

By the way, it is Solaris 2.7 (INtel platform) installed on the PC.


Song Jie

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I think MGEN works the following way:

* The sender writes a timestamp on the packet.

* The receiver compares the timestamp to its local time. The delay is
the calculation of the difference between the two.

So, if your delay is negative, you should chech that both machines
(sender and receiver) have the same local time. Simple, isn't it? :)


Mariano Korman

#SONG JIE# wrote:
> Hi,
> I use MGEN to genereate traffic to test the service performance. The
> named "ez" can draw the figure of throughput and delay vs window time.
> throughput is correct, but the packet delay seems strange. It's
negative. I
> don't know why? How does MGEN calculate the delay? How to measure the
> delay? Are there any tools?
> Thanks,
> Song Jie