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Re: [ds_mpls] Re: [Linux Diffserv] GRED

Op woensdag 4 december 2002 13:47, schreef jamal:
> On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Alexandre Carlos wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I already read the diffserv on linux draf and it didnīt explain clearly
> > how gred know the diffence between an AF11, AF12 and AF13 flow. If anyone
> > knows that can u explain it to me please.
> Like i told you in private mail, the draft has nothing to do with
> examples, it just describes the mechanisms for Gred, dsmark etc.
It would be great if somebody took up the effort to combine the information 
that has recently been posted here and combined it into a single document. I 
guess that would save a lot of people a lot of work. I would not be so much 
work but I would be a nice thing to have.
Of course we would be more then happy to host or link to that file.

Who's up for it?


> Let me propose something to you:
> run Werners tcsim and feed it this script then trace it; shouldnt take
> you very long to figure it out.
> When you are done, why dont you post your results here?
> cheers,
> jamal
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