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Re: [Linux Diffserv] Differentiated Service on Linux HOWTO

If you can read portuguese, you may find useful my MSc thesis.
Back in 2000/2001, I fully documented linux TC. I intended to translate the 
chapter containing this documentation to English in order to make it useful 
for the largest possible number of people, but unfortunately other projects 
came in between and I never ended up doing it...

The thesis is available for download in postscript format at

Hope you'll find it useful.

Rui Prior

> I understand it's a little early to talk about this, but, I'm writing a new
> document for The Linux Document Project site, called "Differentiated
> Service on Linux HOWTO". A link to the work in progress is on my site at
> http://opalsoft.net/qos.
> If you have some little time have a look to this; any feedback, comment or
> criticism is welcome.
> Best regards,
> Leonardo Balliache

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