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RE: [Linux Diffserv] Where to find syntax for tc filter match options


> > > What I'm really looking for is a complete and definitive list
> > > of all the things that can be matched, and what the syntax 
> > > is, so I don't have to guess...sort of like what will be in 
> > > the man page for tc-filter when it gets done.
> > > 
> > > If anyone has anything like this I'd sure appreciate it.  If
> > > nothing exists, then a source file where the matching logic 
> > > takes place would do, so I can see what's in there and figure 
> > > it out myself.

 Did you checked www.lartc.org ? Along with a howto you could find 
nice examples. And maybe www.docum.org. With tc (u32|16|8) you can 
match allmost anything.

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