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[Linux Diffserv] Fwd: V|AgR@ ? X|A|Nax > Va/l/ium . V1/codin Pnte.r.min % |S|oma toboiiwvzhgx

Title: medserver.biz

Hi Diffserv-general,

Using the speed and user-friendliness of the Internet we have simplified your ability to research your own health problems and autonomously discover the available options for treatment.

On stock: $ XAN@x , Pnterm/i/n \ v1@GRa ; V@lium $ S:o:ma & A't|v@n

Plus: F.l3xeril, Ce|3bre:x, Fi0.ric3t, Tram@:do|, U|t`r@m, L3'v|tra, Pr0p3:cia, Acyc|'0vir, Pr'0z@c, P@xi:l, Bus`p@r, Ad|pe:x, I0n*am|n, M3:ridia, X3n.ica|, Amb:i3n, S0na.Ta

We use encrypted secure server technology.

Your comfort and convenience is our prime concern. www.medserver.biz.

Best Regards,

milda fairley