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[Linux Diffserv] DSmark in Diffserv

I am currently working on a project titled "DiffServ test bed in Linux" and
interested in sharing my experiences and problems.
I have installed Red Hat 9.0, Kernel version 2.4.20-8 and recompiled the
kernel with all the releavent networking options enabled. The new kernel is
working fine.
Then I installed the iproute2 package with tc utility for traffic control.
My aim is to actually setup a test bed with 3 machines, source host, a core
router and a destination host. The source host will itself act as the first
hop router and will perform MF classification. I have tried marking the
generated packets with DSmark using the dsmark root class using following


( command refered from <http://www.opalsoft.net/qos/DS-24.htm>)

Now I am stuck in the thing that how the mark packets would get scheduled at
outgoing interface.
The DSmark would be used by the BA classifier in next hop router, thats
fine, but whether the first host that performs MF classification would also
use the DSmark that he himself has created, for sending the marked packets?

I would be thankful for the reply.
Renu Rangnekar

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