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[Linux Diffserv] how to test red qdisc

I am currently working on a project titled "DiffServ test bed in Linux" and
interested in sharing my experiences and problems.I have installed Red Hat
9.0, Kernel version 2.4.20-8 and recompiled the kernel with all the
releavent networking options enabled. The new kernel is working fine.Then I
installed the iproute2 package with tc utility for traffic control. i m
trying to implement red qdisc at the root of the outgoing interface. the
problem is how should i test it. i tried with generating a UDP transfer
using ttcp tool and set the red parametrs suitably. but i m not able to
understand the outputs like 'marked', 'early', 'pdrop' etc. displayed by the
tc show command. i m always getting early as a very large number smae as the
'dropped'  and 'overlimit' values displayed by the same command. what these
parameters are actually? i also tried with cbq at root to limit the
bandwidth for unresponsive udp data and then red as its child qdisc.
thanks for help.
Renu Rangnekar

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