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[Linux Diffserv] reserve bandwidth problem

Hi.. Pim, Jan, all...

I had read the documentation of rsvp-te installation from 
dsmpls.rug.ac.be and successfull installing the packet. 
But when i run The rsvp like the manual told me :

./rsvpd -D at all node and router
rapirecv_auto at egress
rtest2 at ingress
The process seems OK and i got no error message. But since 
RSVP is used for reserving a bandwidth i wonder how to di 
that ?

But i wonder how to reserve a bandwidth... ? Is there any 
command that i had run... ? or may be i have to install 
more packet for reserving the bandwidth.. ?

I hope you not scruple with my question since i am a 
newbie at this such things.
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