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17th December 2004

  • EduRoam Web Site published. EduRoam stands for Education Roaming and this site provides information about EduRoam related activities. EduRoam allows users of participating institutions to access the Internet at other participants using their home institutions credentials. All this with a minimal adminstrative overhead. Depending on local policies at the visited institutions EduRoam, participants may also have additional resources at their disposal.

26th May 2004

  • Arch Red and CSC, the company responsible of maintaining Finnish research and education network (Funet), have reached an agreement to implement Funet-wide WLAN roaming service together. In the WLAN roaming service CSC role is to function as the coordinator and Arch Red is responsible of the technical implementation and maintenance of the root roaming server. Press release (in Finnish) is available here.

22nd January 2004

  • Wireless Lappeenranta joins to the Funet WLAN roaming extending roaming coverage in the Lappeenranta region.

21st January 2004

  • CSC starts official WLAN Roaming Service piloting in the Funet-network based on the radius-based roaming architecture (announcement in Finnish).

16th January 2004

  • panOulu joins to the Funet WLAN Roaming extending roaming coverage in the Oulu region.

16th December 2003

  • SparkNet joins to the Funet WLAN Roaming extending roaming coverage in the Turku region.

31st October 2003

Autumn 2002

  • The unofficial Finnish Root RADIUS server for the Funet WLAN Roaming project is installed at the Tampere University of Technology. The first roaming partners are the Tampere University of Technology and Wirlab creating the first combined coverage area in the Tampere and Seinäjoki region.


Ammattikorkeakoulujen tietoturvapäivä 8.3.2004

Terena Networking Conference 2003, Zagreb, Croatia

Tampere Region Public Access Roaming Proposal 9.1.2003

FUNETin tekniset päivät 25.11.2002





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